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19 lbs.
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15 lbs.
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"I've seen the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial and [there was part of me that] didn't really believe the results. But after doing it myself, it was amazing. My butt actually lifted an inch. Here's my booty. And it used to be like down here and now it's completely lifted."

Done stairs,
but STILL nobody stares?

Okay, you've starved yourself, done a million squats, and climbed more stairs than you can count. But you still don't have the supermodel Brazilian booty you always wanted.

That's because you've been training bass ackwards.

Most people think that the butt is just one muscle. But it's not. It's three muscles—the gluteus medius, maximus, and minimus. And that's why Leandro Carvalho's million-selling Brazil Butt Lift is GUARANTEED to get your booty bikini-ready in just 60 days or your money back.


With Leandro's PROVEN TriAngle Training breakthrough, Brazil Butt Lift helps you hit these three critical muscles from every angle with fun exercises drawn from ballet, capoeira, and Afro-Brazilian dance. The result? With Brazil Butt Lift, you get the tight, lifted booty you can't wait to show off!

So you unpack your saddlebags, erase cellulite, and sculpt a Brazil Butt Lift booty sure to turn heads.

24 lbs.
—Paula M.
"Cellulite has always been my biggest issue. And with this, in 60 days, it's basically all gone. It's like they grabbed a little magic eraser and erased all that cellulite. The last time I looked like this I was 15."
18 lbs.
—Jennifer T.
"I lost 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt an inch, and lost 18 pounds. Sometimes I find myself putting my hands on my butt just to feel it..."

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Want a bikini booty that turns heads? watch this.

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