The California Transparency
In Supply Chains Act of 2010 Disclosure
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Sisgis is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. As part of that commitment, Sisgis requires the highest standard of business conduct in its relationship with its customer, suppliers, and others and strives to conduct its business in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics.

According to the International Labour Organization, an estimated 21 million people worldwide, including children, are victims of forced labor. Everyone has a responsibility to work towards ending these labor conditions. Sisgis is committed to conducting its business in a manner that ensures the absence of slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain.

In addition to Sisgis's commitment described above, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, which went into effect on January 1, 2012, requires many manufacturers and other companies who transact business in California to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains in the five areas detailed below.


Sisgis expects and requires that each of its suppliers ("Suppliers") conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner including business practices that prevent or eliminate slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain. Sisgis requires its Suppliers to comply with the terms of Sisgis's Supplier Code of Conduct (the "Code"). The Code specifically forbids the use of slave, forced, or involuntary labor of any kind, including unlawful child labor and prohibits Suppliers from maintaining supply chains that engage in human trafficking. Compliance with the code is self-certifying. Suppliers must also ensure that the Code is observed by Suppliers' subcontractors, business associates, or employees.


Sisgis identifies and utilizes Suppliers who share Sisgis's commitment to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain and reserves the right for itself or through third party auditors, to conduct, or have conducted on its behalf, unannounced or announced audits of production facilities and business practices to monitor Suppliers' commitments. Most Suppliers are audited at least every two years by a third-party auditor. During the audits, which are normally scheduled one to two weeks in advance, the auditor checks to make sure, among other practices, that no child labor is employed; employees are given proper wages for their work; potable drinking water is provided; where appropriate, employees are provided with proper personal protective equipment; employees are scheduled to work only the required daily hours; and if dormitories are provided, that the living conditions in such dormitories are acceptable. The auditors also check the morale of the employees. Sisgis itself audits its other Suppliers. Suppliers that fail to meet Sisgis's standards will be terminated from Sisgis's supply chain.


Sisgis is committed to implementing and maintaining ongoing training of its employees and management on slavery and human trafficking to identify and mitigate these risks in its supply chains. Sisgis also maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for employees or contractors failing to meet company standards regarding slavery and trafficking.


By accepting purchase orders from Sisgis, each supplier will agree to be bound by our Code of Conduct. Among other assurances, the Code requires suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into the product comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they are doing business. Other requirements include complying with environmental laws and regulations, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other applicable anti-bribery laws. In addition, the Code provides a phone number and email for reporting any violations (confidentially and in the local language). For more information on Sisgis's Code, click here.

Sisgis reserves the right to amend this disclosure at any time without notice.

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