• October 17, 2019

Louis C.K. Returns to Stand-Up, Tries To Make His #MeToo Comeback

It’s nearly been 1 year since #MeToo?exposed several of Hollywood’s ugliest secrets last fall,?with troves of?women, and men, coming forward to reveal known as in their well-known sexual harassers and abusers.?A type of names was Louis C.K., whose?sexual misconduct?had always been?rumored while in the comedy world. But 10 months since his downfall, the actor and comedian?has begun to peek his setting off of #MeToo jail,?deciding enough time has transpired for him to produce his return.

After five women accused C.K. of sexual misconduct last fall, he?soon admitted to your allegations, and just just as easily wiped from Hollywood and also the comedy scene. His?upcoming film was shelved (the big game that all-too-closely referenced the allegations), his Netflix special was canceled, and he was taken from the countless series he served on as producer. The difference is he’s working to make his comeback.?The New york city Times reports that on Sunday night, C.K. developed a surprise appearance at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar, the famous club welcomed in the outlet credits for FX’s?Louie.

According to the Cellar’s staff and owner, Noam Dworman, C.K. did a 15-minute range of his “typical Louis C.K. stuff,” how the?Times cites as jokes about?racism, waitresses’ tips, and parades.?Dworman, merely asleep during the time of the unannounced appearance, but watched C.K.’s set later?with a tape, said the?material was “really, fantastic.” Perhaps most surprising (or possibly not when you are mindful of the type of world we are now living in), the sold-out?crowd greeted C.K.’s appearance “warmly,” even giving him an ovation before he soon began. An ovation into a man who had admitted to a great deal of predatory behavior, and forcing women to watch him masturbate. Are human’s great?

Last?November, five women told the?Times of numerous uncomfortable encounters they?had while using the comedian, including C.K. exposing himself and masturbating?in front of them. Morning, C.K. published an argument admitting which the stories from the five women?were true. He closed that letter by writing, “I have spent my long and lucky career talking and saying anything I’d like. I can now step back and take too much time to pay attention.” Apparently that “long time” would have been a mere 10 months.


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