• August 22, 2019

Nicki Minaj’s New Album is often a Sales Flop, Did She Jinx Herself By Titling it “Queen” Identical Week Aretha Franklin Died?

Nicki Minaj carries a turkey on her behalf hands and it’s even if it’s just Thanksgiving.

Nicki’s new album, “Queen” is a sales dud. It’s so bad that she’s cancelled the tour that’s meant to accompany the album’s release, postponing it until next May. By then she’ll will need to have new music or perhaps a new marketing plan because “Queen” will be over.

There’s some considered that Nicki jinxed herself by calling her album “Queen.” There is only Queen, understanding that was Aretha Franklin. In an damning coincidence, Franklin perished because “Queen” album was being released. Talk about cosmic interference!

The “Queen” album debuted at number 2 last Friday. Today it will likely be lucky to create number three as Ariana Grande swoops set for the kill. With 24 hours left to that week, Grande’s “Sweetener” has recently sold 133K copies including downloads, CDs, and streaming. Minaj includes a total of fifty,000. Travis Scott is running just prior to Nicki at number 2.

Rap and hiphop is rather dependent right now streaming numbers. Nicki’s album is not enthusiastically embraced track by track. A single is # 2 on Spotify. Grande, however, has several in the top 50.

One radio insider laughed and said, “Nicki’s album release was rushed. She didn’t work the stations till the eleventh hour. We had arrived surprised. That’s instead of Janet Jackson, who worked radio cautiously for her new hit, Designed for Now, and he or she really scored.”


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