• August 22, 2019

Roman Polanski is Back! Controversial Film Maker Set to Direct Epic Dreyfus Affair Film “J’Accuse”

Controversial Oscar winning filmmaker Roman Polanski has returned greatly. He will probably direct “J’Accuse” with Oscar winner Jean duJardin for the reason that disconcerting espionage officer who proved the Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus had been wrongly charged with spying to the Germans in 1894.

This is going to be maybe the last epic film for Polanski, that has spent a final 20 years making smaller films. He’s planned to develop a movie based upon “The Dreyfus Affair” for ages.

The French title within the film — the working title in English is “The Dreyfus Affair” — derives from the famous open letter authored by novelist Emile Zola meant for the captain, lambasting the French government to its anti-Semitism.

After Zola defended Dreyfus, he was forced into exile in England for just a decade.

The film are working French, with actor Louis Garrel playing Dreyfus, and will much awarded actor Mathieu Amalric (“Diving Bell as well as Butterfly”) and Polanski’s wife Emmanuelle Seigner.

Will this be considered a late career masterpiece for Polanski? I think so.


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