• September 19, 2019

Box Office: “Fahrenheit 11-9” Best Opening for a Documentary in 2018, To normal for being Biggest in Strong Year

Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11-9” made $3.One million on its opening weekend in only 1,719 theaters. That’s the most effective opening for the doc in 2018. In that rate, “F11-9” should be the top doc in the 2018 box office.

By comparison, especially with political films, DiNesh D’Souza’s “Death of any Nation” made just $5.8 million its entire run. Death cannot come fast enough to that particular misguided diatribe.

Among quality films, Moore reached the $3 million doubly as fast as popular docs about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mister Rogers.

The Moore film also made $1 mil more than Dan Fogelman’s “Life Itself,” which had a detailed star cast and the backing of Amazon.

The top rated movie on the weekend was “Your property using a Clock to use Walls,” which made $26 million.

Hey– i am a rustic when using the clock ticking, a great idea is out and discover “F 11-9” now.


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