• September 19, 2019

UPDATED Global Citizen Concert: $7 Million in Salaries, No Grants to The indegent, Chris Martin Keeps Fans From Freaking Over Fallen Barrier

SUNDAY Chris Martin did surface, as well as his credit he kept everyone else next to the stage in Central Park from freaking out following a barrier fell. The fans thought it was gunshots. To get a group that’s allowed to be about knocking down barriers, they didn’t frequently have the metaphor. That has been on MSNBC. On FoxNews, Trump proclaimed he’s fallen fond of Kim Jung Un. Really. Evolved happened all at once.

SATURDAY It’s time for the annual Global Poverty Concert, now called Global Citizen.

Here’s the rundown of main salaries. On the 2016 Form 990, Global Citizen spent $7 million mainly on salaries, from the $11 million in revenue. Along with the revenue was down $5 million from 2015.

Global Citizen Would not give money to poor or hungry people. I don’t know why none of us gets this. They spend money to influence governments or corporations to present money to those people people. When the governments or corporations were helping poor or hungry people anyway, Global Citizen takes the credit.

They spend another $7 million if not more on rock concerts, is actually they get sponsors. The sponsors’ money goes to Global Citizen’s expenses– like travel, food, rent, and salaries.

Their founder and leader, Hugh Evans, is making upwards of $300,000 12 months. The next their chief operating officer. It’s a superb gig.

Anyway, how can you trust a concert that bills The Weeknd before Janet Jackson?

Do notice the absence, live, for your second year when, of Chris Martin from Coldplay. He’s supposed to be Global Citizen’s? The team is just not on tour. During the past year, Global Citizen overlapped using the I Heart Radio festival. Not this coming year. In 2015 he was quoted saying he signed onto the organization’s “curator” for 25 years. Maybe he’s finally worked out what’s happening.

Read my story from that past July.


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